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FAQ about Bowtrol Natural Colon and Parasite Cleanser

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Q: Can I take other medication or supplements Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser?
A: Please consult your health provider before beginning any cleansing or detoxifying program or using any additional supplements, especially if you have concerns.

Q: Can I take the Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser for the rest of my life?
A: Yes, of course. Bowtrol is a natural herbal supplement with no side effects. It is safe to take it for a long-term period.

Q: Will I have to change my diet with Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser?
A: Well, you donít have to, but we would advise you to do that. We recommend a high-fiber, low-fat diet that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Drink plenty of water per day (about eight glasses).

Q: Do I take the Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser and Probiotic products together, or can I take them at different times throughout the day?
A: You can take these products at the same time. Though, we recommend that you follow the directions for use on each product package.

Q: Does the Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser make you lose weight?
A: It depends upon each individual. Please keep in mind that Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser is not primarily a weight-loss product. However, colon cleansing often lead to weight loss due to elimination of built-up fecal matter. Colon cleansing can significantly improve the assimilation of essential nutrients through a well-balanced healthy eating plan. It is strongly advised to make exercises a part of your daily routine when you cleanse your body with Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser.

Q: I take the recommended dosage of Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser and I still canít achieve two-three bowel movements per day. Should I increase the dosage?
A: Each patient is different and will experience different results. If you don't see any results using Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser within two weeks, please consult your doctor.

Q: Is Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser safe for everyone who takes it?
A: The Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is a natural way to cleanse your colon while supporting the health of your vital organs. If you have any medical condition and/or have been taking a medication, please contact your health provider before beginning the course. Please avoid taking Bowtrol if are nursing or pregnant.

Q: Is the Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser suitable if I have Severe Diarrhea Diabetes, Severe Flu Symptoms, Thyroid, High Blood Pressure, Severe Cramping, Migraine Headaches or other serious health disorders?
A: Even though some patients with these serious health concerns may benefit from colon cleansing, we insist that you consult your health care provider.

Q: Is the Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanserr suitable for children?
A: Though Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser is an all-natural product, it was designed for adults and is not recommended for children under the age of 18.

Q: What should I expect from the Bowtrol Natural Colon Cleanser?
A: You can expect less bloat, less water retention, improved energy and vitality. You should not have watery stools, severe cramping or weakness of any kind. The key objective of colon cleansing to support your body's natural ability to have two-three bowel movements a day, and to remove accumulated toxins and poisons in the colon while assisting with overall vital organ health.

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